Fentanyl Abuse Treatment

Fentanyl Abuse Treatment

The symptoms of withdrawing from Fentanyl are uncomfortable and unpleasant; they are what make treating the abuse difficult.

The first step is for the patient go through a detoxification program which will rid the body of the drug but should only be carried out in rehab or at an addiction treatment center (800-303-2482). The detoxification process will also incorporate other medical techniques that also assist the user to get rid of the addiction.

In order for the various detoxification programs to be successful, the treatment includes addressing the psychological, social and behavioral aspects of the addiction and combines the physical detoxification process with counseling therapies and sessions.

The program will commence with an evaluation of the patient to establish the level of the addiction and what other side effects might have affected the body. In some centers they first stabilize the patients by using the medication that reduce the physical and mental symptoms. Most detoxification programs provide a user with substitute therapy which involves using drugs such as Suboxone and Subutex.

Fentanyl Abuse Treatment

These drugs can also cause an addiction and result in some patients having to go through the detoxification process again but most treatment centers today include rapid drug detoxification in order to deal with the problems that arose from the usual detoxification program. Rapid detoxification helps to treat a Fentanyl addict in a shorter period of time and to obtain better results.

The natural detoxification method is much more difficult to handle but doesn’t have such bad side effects. This method involves the use of natural remedies, such as herbs which target the Fentanyl withdrawal effects. During this period, the addict might be required to fast and drink a lot of hot liquids to flush the toxins out of the body.

Irrespective of which detoxification process used, the main goal is to rid the addict of the addiction and to end the complex side effects that are brought by Fentanyl abuse.

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